Egyptian Sekhem, Reiki and Shamanic Healing Energies and Initiations

Heaven on Earth

Amravati is an experienced healer of 18 years.  She is a Reiki Energy Master, Egyptian Sekhem Master, Feng Shui consultant and the creator of Amravati Heaven On Earth range of sacred healing incenses and crystal essences.  

Initially Amravati qualified in Aromatherapy with Chinese diagnosis and then became involved in Body harmony and Vivation Rebirthing.  Subsequently she has trained in shamanic techniques with many powerful teachers - Harrison Kyng, Patrick Collard, Foster Perry, Denise Linn, Don McFarlane, Simon Treselyan (firewalking), Anne Jill Leonard, Diana Roberts, Patrick Ziegler, Michael Ormiston, Don Conreaux, Cyrung, Kathryn Player etc.  These techniques include past life regression, soul retrieval, sound healing and ceremonies.  Often the trainings were held in ''power spots'' such as Peru, Bolivia, India etc.  Then she qualified as a Reiki Master and subsequently Egyptian Sekhem Master at the same time as discovering the power of classical Feng Shui with Shamanic techniques (Shen Dao).

Amravati has also studied with Indian Gurus Sri Muniraj, Sri Mahamandelshwara, Sri Swami Kaleshwar - ceremonies, mantra, Vaastu Shastra (Indian Feng Shui) and the elements.  They have opened her heart and spiritual chakras and continue to guide her to realise her potential.

Currently Amravati loves Biodanza, Chi Kung, painting and chanting.  She is a member of Space Healers - a team of women and men who clear negative energies from land and buildings and release ghosts from people and places.

''I believe that healing is a journey of discovery with a client in any given moment.  Everything we have ever done in our lives can be used to create a unique and marvelous cocktail of experience, knowledge and connection so that we can weave the magical web which triggers the client''s own unlimited healing.  All our personal qualities and experiences are essential ingredients as are our guides in spirit.''

''It is a great privilege to be with someone as they look within themselves and gain a totally new perspective and understanding; to see their bodies register the new reality as they unwind to a new and wondrous life.''



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