Shamanic Healing

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Thousands of years ago ''Shamanic Healing'' was done by ''Shamans'' in the ways practised by the indigenous peoples of many cultures.  ''Shamans'' are those that fill the roles of teacher/healer/priest within the community and very importantly they must also be able to access altered states of consciousness at will in order to help those who are in need or their land.

Today the methodology has developed in line with the Earth, as it is now, and sometimes modern elements such as the internet are used.  However, the Shaman must still be able to access the changed state of consciousness in order to find the cause of illness or land  imbalance and effect healing.  (This is often called '';Journeying''). 

Most Shamans have Guides in Spirit and utilise the gifts of the Earth, such as the Elements, Directions, animals, crystals and plants.  Sometimes they use music or sound, inculding voice, instruments such as rattles and drums, to help the change in their consciousness and that of the sick person.  Herbs, incenses and hallucinogenic plant materials are also used by some Shamans.  Often a ritual is performed 

Shamanic Healing of People

The person who is healed may experience the change on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes although one will be predominant.  A change in thought pattern and point-of-view is a normal result of the experience and everything can appear to be very different.  When deep and profound healing takes place the person will be returned to their true path in life.

Soul Retrieval

This  is based on the concept that everyone has a Spirit or Soul, a part of a greater energy force - God, The Dao, The Matrix, Goddess or however we like to interpret that force.  We fragment our Spirit when we are no longer being who we truly are and this can be done either consciously or unconsciously.  This can occur as a result of shock, big explosions, frights, accidents or the losss of someone we love.  We can also voluntarily leave a part of our Sould with someone.

When Spirit fragmentation occurs there is a specific event either in this life or a Past Life which triggers this.  This is called the ''Anchor Point''.   The Shaman essentially returns to the Anchor point to release the trapped fragment of the Soul.

How do we know we require this procedure?  People who do not feel fully present and involved in their lives in the NOW or who have no energy, have a lack of enthusiasm or no motivation, who are suffering from addictions, who are unable to love or are feeling shocked or disorientated - all would benefit from this procedure.

Results are feeling fully alive and available for the adventure of life.  People experience passion, motivation, creativity, truly feeling their emotions and are able to find an interesting direction in life.

Shamanic Recapitulation and Past Life Regression Therapy

Shamanic recaptiulation is another method of going back through life to release entrapment in past events.

In Past Life Regression release is obtained from previous incarnations so that this lifetime can be lived more fully and in the NOW.

Psychic Surgery

Psychic surgery is a way of releasing  trapped memories, curses, psychic implants, past lives, spirit attachments etc. from the subtle auric body of the client.  This frees the client often from physical pain and sickness along with emotional pain and trauma so that they can live a full and happy life.

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