Welcome to Amravati Egyptian SKHM & Reiki. I am Amravati, a healer with over 18 years of experience in techniques and practices including Reiki and shamanic healing. If you’re looking to book a Reiki session, or you’re keen to learn more about this natural healing therapy, I look forward to enlightening you and enabling you to enjoy the wondrous benefits of Reiki in London. Whether you’re already familiar with Reiki, or this is a completely new concept to you, I can tailor a session to suit your needs and ensure you leave us feeling uplifted, relaxed, and refreshed. 

What exactly is Reiki?
This is a question I get asked a lot. It’s difficult to provide a short, snappy answer to this question, but in the most basic terms, Reiki is a natural healing therapy, which involves using hand movements to channel positive energy. As an experienced Reiki master, I use my hands to cleanse and reinvigorate the body and mind. Reiki sessions usually last around an hour, and they serve a host of purposes. Reiki is likely to have origins that date back hundreds of years, but it is most commonly associated with Japanese healing techniques, which are based on altering energy systems to rebalance and revive. 

As a master of 9 different systems, I am able to offer bespoke Reiki sessions in the heart of London. I take the time to get to know clients, and I can adapt the way I use my hands and the types of movements I use to suit you. Often, people choose to have Reiki for many different reasons. Some are searching for a means to relax and feel calmer and less stressed, while others are hoping to address physical symptoms. The aim of Reiki is to use techniques to bring about deep relaxation, which has both physiological and psychological effects.

Reiki in London
I offer master sessions at a cost of £80 per hour and £40 for each additional half hour. This is a one to one healing session, which is designed to target issues that affect you. Before I start, I will take some time to chat to you and discuss any problems you’re having or specific areas you wish to address. Perhaps you’ve been finding it difficult to cope with stress at work or at home of late, or maybe you’ve been struggling with your physical health, and you’re looking for effective complementary therapies. If there are issues, I will tailor the session to target the areas of your body that are most in need. Reiki is designed to cleanse and reinvigorate, and it can help you to overcome challenges, both in the present and the past. By balancing your chakras (your energy centres), I hope to rebalance you and make you feel happier, stronger, and more confident. 

If you’d like to make an appointment for Reiki in London, don’t hesitate to get in touch. I am based in West London (zone 2). To find out more and book an appointment at a time that suits you, simply call 0207 603 5157. 

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