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Are you struggling to relax? Do you find it difficult to switch off? Do you experience feelings of unease or anxiety on a regular basis? Do you feel like life is more challenging than it should be? Are you feeling a little bit lost or have you lost motivation? In this day and age, many of us struggle to muddle through when we feel like there’s too much to do, we’re falling short of expectations or there’s no clear route ahead of us. If these scenarios sound familiar, you may be interested in shamanic healing. Shamanic healing is an ancient practice, which can help to bring about positive emotional, mental and physical changes. If you’re interested in shamanic healing in London, allow me to tell you more about shamanic healing by Amravati. 

What is shamanic healing?
Shamanic healing is an ancient healing method, which brings about changes in the mind and body by identifying and addressing spiritual and energy-based root causes. Thousands of years ago, healing was provided by shamans. Shamans were traditionally upstanding members of the community who held nurturing roles, such as priests and teachers. Shamans had a desire to help and guide others, but crucially, they also possessed the ability to access altered states of consciousness to benefit those in need. Over the years, shamanic healing has developed and evolved and sometimes, modern resources are used. However, it remains vital that the shaman is able to access this altered state to bring about the desired result. 

Commonly, shamans are spiritual healers who use Gifts of the Earth, including crystals, animals, plants and the elements to change both their consciousness and that of the person or people in need. Shamanic healers sometimes use rituals, and they may employ sounds, including music, voice, and instruments during a healing session. Herbs and incense are also used by some shamans. 

Shamanic healing in London
I often see people who come to me feeling like they’ve lost their way and those experiencing feelings or fears that they’re stuck in a rut or struggling to see things in a positive light. As an experienced shamanic healer, I am able to bring about changes that affect emotional, physical and mental planes. After just one session, everything may appear very different, and hopefully, you’ll feel like you’re on the way to the right path. Shamanic healing can alter thought processes and modify points of view to help you cope better and become more positive about life both in the present and in the future. 

Soul retrieval
Soul retrieval is based on the notion that every being has a spirit or a soul, which is part of a wider energy system. Sometimes, often without being aware, we distance our spirit, and this can cause us to veer off our true path. There are many triggers, such as loss, accidents and forming relationships that have a negative impact on us. When the spirit fragments, there is often a specific point, which is referred to by a shamanic healer as the anchor point. If you feel lost, you’re struggling to recognise yourself, you’ve lost enthusiasm and motivation, or you’re finding it hard to love or trust, you may find this element of shamanic healing helpful.

I also offer shamanic recapitulation and past life regression, which are designed to release you from the shackles of past events and incarnations.

If you’re interested in shamanic healing in London, and you’d like to make an appointment, please call 0207 603 5157.

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Shamanic Healing London
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