Reiki Healing Sessions London

Reiki is an enduring natural therapy, which uses high-vibration techniques to channel your energy systems. Translated from Japanese, Reiki means ‘universal life force.’ This is a holistic healing technique, which is designed to rebalance and reinvigorate you by aligning your energy systems and restoring the chakras. Reiki healing has benefits for a wide range of people, and it is capable of bringing about both physiological and psychological changes. If you’re keen to find out more about Reiki or you’d like to book Reiki healing sessions in London, I look forward to hearing from you. 

Reiki healing sessions in London
Reiki is a practice, which involves using the hands to bring about changes in the energy systems within the body. The aim is to balance the chakras (the energy centres within your body) to make you feel cleansed and refreshed. This is a non-invasive, natural healing method, which can have an incredibly positive impact on both mental and physical health. 

Every person is unique, and I am able to tailor reiki healing sessions to suit the individual. As a healer with over 18 years of experience, I understand the importance of being able to adjust and adapt to suit you and ensure that you get the most of Reiki healing. As a master of nine different systems, I am able to choose different forms and techniques to provide a bespoke service, which caters for your individual needs. People choose to have Reiki for different reasons, and I use my experience to determine which form to use. 

Reiki is a very deep healing, cleansing experience, which uses soothing hand movements and relaxation techniques to realign the body’s chakras and bring about balance and clarity. 

Reiki healing with Amravati
I have many years of experience in providing Reiki healing sessions in London, and I am committed to achieving amazing results. I tailor every healing session, and I take the time to get to know my clients. I want to encourage you to open up and to talk about anything that may be upsetting or distressing you, or causing you to feel like there is some kind of blockage or obstruction in your path. Life events, problems at work, relationship issues and physical health problems can all affect the energy systems, and by learning about every client, I am able to determine the best solutions. Reiki healing is gentle, but it is also hugely powerful, and I often experience incredibly positive results after just one session. Reiki can open you up to spiritual realisations and help you overcome challenges and process events or negative experiences that have shaped your past, present or future.

I offer one to one Reiki healing sessions, which last for a minimum of one hour, at a cost of £80. Each additional half hour costs £40. 

If you’re keen to learn more about the benefits of Reiki, or you’d like to book Reiki healing sessions in London, why not call today on 0207 603 5157? I am based in West London in Zone 

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Reiki Healing Sessions London