Reiki Mastery



1.     WHAT IS REIKI?  See healing section

           'I seek to open others to the experience of their innate sacredness.
            Reiki healing can be an unforgettable experience of joy and bliss'



This is the fourth and final level of initiation within the Basic Usui Reiki Tradition.  It qualifies you to teach Reiki to others through the attunement system.  This system has been handed down from Dr Usui through a clearly defined lineage.  The initiate is opened to channel the Reiki energy (sacred electromagnetic healing energy) through a special attunement process by an initiated Master using special symbols in the presence of Reiki guides in spirit.


The Reiki Energy Mastery (REM) is a full Master training in several different systems.  You will be certificated, attuned and qualified as a Master Teacher in the following Reiki systems:
Usui Reiki with Japanese Healing Methods and Tibetan initiations
Karuna Reiki
Original 7 Degree Reiki
Raku Kei Original Shamanic Initiation
Karmic Repatterning & DNA Activation
Egyptian Systems: (detailed under the Egyptian section)
Seichem Reiki with Yod Initiation and Order of Melchizedik
Seichim Reiki
All lineages are impeccable.  Comprehensive manuals are given for each.
Each system is self-contained and is available separately.   See below

Dr Usui

The vision of the REM is to bring unification to Reiki through
education and experience in the major systems.  We become
true Masters only when we practice the forms in our lives. 
The REM connects the initiaties to many lineages and all
Masters that have been before us.  They add their energy to
our healing and planetary work.
This course is designed for people who are committed to their
own spiritual growth
and wish to share that experience with
others in their own unique way.  It is for people who are
prepared to be all that they can be and wish to use this
opportunity to help them on their way.
Each system has its own unique vibration and lends itself to
different situations.
The effect is exponential.

You will:
    contact the depths of your being - release things that
    are no longer serving you.
    substantially increase your healing power and ability
    to channel Reiki
    transform to radiate your true potential.

                       This is an adventure in growth!



The advanced initiation is available for those who are already at Level 2 and have been guided to take the next step.  It is also available for Masters of other stand-alone Reiki systems.

This confers the Master Symbols, which can then be used by the initiate for very powerful Master healing sessions.  The symbols facilitate connection with our spiritual aspect.  Psychic surgery is also taught at this level.  This method works on the etheric body and enables extraction of the root causes of disease and emotional trauma from this or past/future lifetimes.  Those who feel not ready to teach but would like a next step can receive the Advanced Attunement.

The full Master Attunement entitles the recipient to initiate others.  This is a very great privilege and a step that will transform your whole life.

I teach this level in combination with the Tibetan System which has 2 powerful Master Symbols and uses the Violet Breath with the sacred secret of Reiki - the Hui Yin.  These are used to enhance the attunement process.  You will be taught how to initiate with or without the Tibetan Symbols and Violet Breath so you will be able to chooses how you work.  The Tibetan system includes the  powerful Antahkarana symbol that can be used for crystal grids.

Often this point is one where quantum leaps occur and you are catapulted into a new way of being.  Reiki should become a way of life not just something you do now and again. 

The names of the symbols can be as sacred mantras and you can visualise the symbols wherever you go. 

Your powers of manifestation will improve and sometimes you will wish for something and it arrives.  Other times you will realise you still have resistance for you to release and it will be your turn to receive some healing.  The more you allow yourself to be in the flow the greater your transormation.  Your meditation periods will in time be more rewarding and you can use the symbols to create your perfect space.


The Karuna System of Reiki was developed by William Rand.  There is a unique attunement process and the symbols when used within Karuna have a deep healing quality resonating with the meaning of  'Karuna'.

'Karuna' is a Sanskrit word for compassionate action that is the motivating quality of all enlightened beings that are working to end suffering on Earth.  This system opens you to work more closely with enlightened beings and helps you in your spiritual development and emotional healing.  The wide variety of symbols are very useful for practitioners as they address many areas which are commonly encountered. 

Kwan Yin

This system is only available to Reiki Master Teachers with Tibetan Symbols


The Original 7 Degree System is the European system that derived from the American Radiance Technique.  This was devised by Dr Barbara Ray using special techniques that had been passed down to her from Hayashi (a direct initiate of Dr Usui) through Takata.

Dr Ray claimed she held the full Usui system with 7 Degrees or attunements.  Dr Ray's Radiance Technique is popular in the US.  The attunements are very different and open up each Chakra starting from the Base with 1st Degree to the Crown with 7th Degree.  The 3rd Degree corresponds to Reiki Master so the energy of the 4th and upwards initiations is very high.  The system is based on Dr Ray's Energy Model.

These initiations are a wonderful opportunity to raise your vibration and to clear your chakras one level at a time.  It is truly a spiritual journey to the 7th Level.  Everything in life especially your healing ability and creativity is enhanced.



Raku Kei is a very ancient form that is thought by some to be an original source of Reiki lost for many centuries but rediscovered by Dr Usui on finding the ancient Sanskrit texts.  It uses ancient Shamanic techniques to truly emobody the full meaning of each of the elements.

Raku kei, the lightening flash, is the grounding of gigantic 5th Dimensional force.
All the lements can be used to generate energy.  So this is a journey of empowerment and understanding.
It is experiential and ceremonial with powerful symbols.

This training is only open to Reiki Masters within the Tibetan Tradition as a degree of self mastery is required to control our breath and energy circulation.

The attunement is by way of the HA-AHI-WAI Breath-Fire-Water Ceremony.  Instead of the normal attunement process Raku Kei Mastership is transferred in a powerful ritual that requires action from the students as well as the Master.  The ritual symbolises the rebirth of Spirit from the Etheric into Matter.  The Spirit of Fire enters the Water by the vehicle of the Breath and when the Water is consumed the Fire is embodied.

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